What developer proposed in 2017

Below are the documents that the developer has lodged with their permit application to Heritage Victoria. After many people had put in submissions opposing this proposal, the application was apparently withdrawn. Since there has been a fire in the Pressing Shed (Building 5) and the roof of the Steam Engine House (Building 6) has collapsed. Go to our 2020 update page for more.

Heritage Impact Statement – the rationale for what is proposed and the why demolition is acceptable

Heritage Interpretation Building – includes plans showing the residential building and the combined commercial / interpretation building – last pages show the scale of the residential building

Internal perspectives on the combined commercial / interpretation building

Views of the proposed development, including the 7-8 storey residential building

Structural Engineering report by Beauchamp Hogg Spano Consultants (May 2014) – this report concludes the buildings can be conserved and reused; includes a review of the conclusions reached by The O’Neill Group

Structural Engineering report by The O’Neill Group (April 2014) – this report concludes it would be too difficult to conserve the buildings based on structural issues

Site contamination – this brief letter advises about significant site contamination issues

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