Demolition of the former Steam Engine House

Yesterday – 25 January 2022 – Heritage Victoria granted a permit for the demolition of large brick Steam Engine House building that faces Dawson Street. Tomorrow, we have been told, demolition will start.

Heritage Victoria plans to share the permit decision via their website tomorrow. At the same time, the walls will be coming down forever.

Heritage Victoria has provided a Q&A document this evening in response to our urgent emails to them. It’s here for you to read and weep. While contamination is at the heart of the decision, the failure to adequately maintain this building and the adjoining Brick Pressing Shed has contributed significantly to this devastating outcome.

Sungrove Corporation has failed to deliver what it has repeatedly promised, and this outcome raises serious questions about the adequacy of Victoria’s heritage legislation to protect our most significant industrial sites.

When the granted demolition permit is available, we will also share it with you.

And for those who missed it, this article in the Brunswick Voice describes the reasons for the demolition of the Brick Pressing Shed which started in December 2021.