Current status of the emergency works

Heritage Victoria and Moreland Council have recently need in touch with residents of Brickworks, outlining the current status of the emergency works to the Brick Press Shed, and next steps. The letters they sent are attached in full below.

From Moreland Council:

From Heritage Victoria:

The Hoffman Brickworks Brick Press Shed Roof

Would you like to make a submission about the proposed Brickworks development?

A new permit application has been lodged with Heritage Victoria for the complete demolition of the Brick Pressing Shed and the Steam Engine House.

These are important heritage buildings are we are very disappointed that this application has been made.

You can lodge a submission to Heritage Victoria expressing any concerns you may have. All submissions will be considered in Heritage Victoria’s decision-making process.

Deadline for submissions is 10 November 2020. Note that a submission to Heritage Victoria is intended to discuss issues related to heritage matters.

Your submission should be made on the ‘Heritage Victoria Public Submission Form’ – download here.  

Your submission should be sent to  – please send Save the Brickworks a copy too –

For more detailed information and some suggestions on the heritage issues that concern us about this submission, have a look at our Demolition Threat – Oct 2020 page.