At the former Hoffman Brickworks, the Brick Press Shed and former Engine House are yet to be restored. Our vision for these buildings is for repurposed spaces focussed on the industrial heritage of the site, combined with sympathetic uses – such as community and commercial spaces for the arts.  All it takes is the will of the developer, the right team of engineers and architects, and the backing of the community.

Repurposed buildings –
industrial heritage + contemporary uses

Our vision is for history + creativity

Our vision for the Brickworks is to activate the spaces of the Brick Press Shed and Engine House with creativity and community. We want to preserve the industrial history of the buildings and brick-making equipment to provide a powerful interpretive experience for visitors. We believe that with historic interpretation as the primary use of the spaces, we can add commercial and community creative uses to make these buildings come alive. They would become the heart of the former Hoffman Brickworks.

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