Development status

The current status of the proposed development of the last untouched heritage buildings on the site – the Brick Press Shed and Engine House

Brick Press Shed (2002)

Permit application withdrawn by developer
June 2021

In June 2021, we were notified that the developer had withdrawn its application to Heritage Victoria for the demolition of the Brick Press Shed and Engine House (permit application number P31711).

Building Appeals Board upholds order to make-safe
May 2021

The Building Appeals Board released its decision to uphold Moreland Council’s Emergency Order on the two Brickworks buildings – the Brick Press Shed and Engine House. This means that the owner of the site must now carry out the make-safe works ordered by Moreland Council. The required works include some structural propping and the removal of damaged sections of the upper level of the Brick Press Shed.

For those interested in details of the Board’s findings… The Emergency Order (of 23 November) was issued by Council to make the buildings safe so they pose no risk to life or property. The owner sought to have the order cancelled, to allow for the buildings to be completely demolished in order to make the site safe. The Building Appeals Board heard from representatives of the owner, engineers, Moreland Council and Heritage Victoria. You can find the full report here:…/cases/vic/VBAB//2021/27.html

The Board’s findings note that the Emergency Order works can be safely undertaken by a suitably experienced firm, and while the works will be more expensive than simply demolishing the building (as was the owners wish) it was ‘fair and appropriate’ having regard to the heritage values of the buildings and “the fact that the current state of the buildings reflects that the Applicant has failed to adequately maintain the buildings”.

Order to make-safe issued by Moreland Council
October 2020 – March 2021

On 22 October 2020, Moreland Council issued an Emergency Order for make-safe works including partial demolition works for the former Brick Pressing Shed. These works were required to commence 7 December 2020.

On 11 December 2020, the owner of the Hoffman Brickworks site lodged an appeal with the Buildings Appeals Board (BAB) challenging the Emergency Order issued by the Municipal Building Surveyor. The owner is challenging the order to ‘partially demolish’ the building, and wishes to completely demolish the building.

On 20 January 2021 a Building Appeals Board hearing took place. As at March 2021, an outcome of the hearing is yet to be announced.

Demolition threat – permit application to demolish, 2020
October 2020 – March 2021

A new permit application was lodged with Heritage Victoria for the complete demolition of the Brick Pressing Shed and the Steam Engine House in October 2020.

Permit application P31711 for a permit to demolish the brick pressing shed (B5) and former steam engine house (B6) and construct a seven storey replacement building with rooftop garden.

As at 24 March 2021, Heritage Victoria are yet to make a decision regarding the permit application lodged by the developer in October 2020.

More information

Full details and documents regarding the October 2020 application to demolish

Submissions made to Heritage Victoria regarding the October 2020 permit application

The roof of the Brick Press Shed where it was damaged by fire in 2018. Heritage Victoria required that the roof be re-instated to protect the building and equipment from the elements. To date, the roof has not been repaired. 
A north and west section of the Brick Press Shed was demolished to make way for the Gatehouse apartment building. The majority of the northern wall was not closed or protected from the elements in any way and remains open today. 
The Brick Press Shed and brick-making equipment have been subject to vandalism, which suggests that the site is not adequately secured. Photo from October 2020.